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Farmers World: All the Information You Need

On the WAX blockchain, the top-rated NFT agricultural game is called Farmers World. It is one of the games in the NFT ecosystem that is expanding the fastest, with up to 150 000 active users. You only need a WAX wallet to begin the game and start farming.

It is a simple, pleasant play-to-earn (P2E) game that enables you to function as a farmer and take use of the advantages provided by the Farmers World environment. You may acquire equipment, make use of different resources, purchase land to set up massive farms, and much more.

Farmers World: What is it?

One of the most popular games in the NFT market is the P2E farming game. In fact, behind Splinterlands and Alien Worlds, the game is DappRadar’s third most downloaded app. It is notable because it surpasses Axie Infinity, which was once the biggest game in the NFT area.

It continues to dazzle with over $9 million in trades and up to 150 000 players. The game is updated frequently, and the online community is very vibrant.

How much you can do in Farmers World is one of its most important selling points. Every part of the game, including the equipment you use and the resources you can find with them, depends on your decision as a farmer. Choose your farming lifestyle from options like mining, breeding, building, cultivation, and animal preservation.

Playing Farmers World

The game is easy to learn. Once your wallet is connected, you are prepared to leave. You need tools to farm. These tools can be obtained in two ways. The WAX NFT market place, AtomicHub, offers the ability to buy. Second, you can make new tools using the game’s outstanding crafting function.

You can start working in Farmers World after choosing the tools you want to utilise. Your role will be determined by the tools you select. You must construct an animal shelter if you are keeping livestock like cows and hens. You will require equipment, such as an axe, chainsaw, or mining cultivator, if you want to mine.

There are particular resources available for farmers. Mining is one of the simplest ways to accumulate resources. Mine for gold and NFTs while playing the game to farm them. However, you can use the materials you extract from the ground to make the tools you need to advance in the game.

The environment of Famers World consists of three basic resources in total. Wood, food, and gold are these. Additionally, they are represented by the tokens FWW (Wood), FWF (Food), and FWG (Gold). In essence, customers can purchase and trade these tokens on a decentralised market place like Alcor.

What will the game do next?

Farmers World is still proving to be highly well-liked among NFT P2E gamers. Over 107 thousand users have played the game in the previous 24 hours.

However, since May, some community members have voiced concerns about the paucity of updates and contact.

Additionally, the cost of the resources has drastically decreased, and the community is now attempting to burn a lot of them every day.

Some of these problems may be the result of inadequate social media communication. Additionally, up until February, the developers of the well-known NFT game produced a “monthly report” for the game’s users. Regrettably, nothing has changed in this for almost five months.

Last but not least, the Farmers World NFT P2E game will need to inform players in the upcoming weeks and create a strategy for the reduction in resource prices, among other things.

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