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Everyone can now use the new Coinbase NFT Marketplace.

If you’re disappointed that you didn’t receive early access to Coinbase NFT, your woes are over! The Coinbase marketplace is now open to the public, and more people may use it to purchase and trade digital assets for free! For the time being, Coinbase will charge 0% fees on all transactions.

The Coinbase NFT marketplace has been updated.

Since previous year, Coinbase NFT has been orbiting the NFT area. As one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase’s ecosystem would be incomplete without an NFT marketplace. Before the beta version went online, about 1.5 million users had the opportunity to use the site for the previous two weeks.

Since the early access period began, some members have expressed their dissatisfaction with the platform. Coinbase assures the community that they are still working out the kinks, and that the beta release will allow them to get some help. As the company enables additional users to enter, your access will be based on your position on the waitlist.

Is it merely another NFT market?

Drops, minting, and token-gated communities are among the features planned for this platform. You’ll be able to buy NFTs with either your Coinbase account or a credit card. The Coinbase marketplace recognises the need to add support for NFTs on other blockchains as the industry evolves. They will also aim to decentralise more functions when the time comes.

Coinbase is focusing on the social aspect, which sets it distinct from other platforms, in addition to improving the user experience in all areas. Users can construct their personal profiles using NFTs that express their tales, similar to how they do on social media networks. Users can connect to any self-custody wallet and choose whether their digital assets are visible or hidden. There’s also a remark box for each NFT, allowing collectors and artists to interact.

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