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Dubai corporate executives new passion Training n Pro Bono.

Anish Ramakrishna Kurup started his career in Sales n marketing for an Airline/Cessna maintenance entity in the midlands in UK. Moving to Dubai in 2005 with a Document solution consulting space has been the best decision Anish took from a career perspective.

Over the last 18+ years of his career Anish matured to being a war room strategist for major Fortune 500 brands & start ups. Being a software Engineer from UK & Ivy league certified Marketing Strategist he has always been a Technocrat & Evangelist of great Tech preparing organizations to solve the marketing myopia they can face by not upgrading themselves.

Anish has always been passionate about Blockchain & Data monetisation after being introduced to them respectively. Recently Anish concluded a workshop for University of Technology, Bahrain. Anish conducted training for the Business school & Technology school where both the university Deans participated & ensured full future cooperation. He has been reached out by multiple universities in the region to train the faculties in Web3 space after this.

Anish also does Pro bono training for children in Africa & India in creating Web 3.0 leaders of tomorrow. Anish has travelled right from Antananarivo to Oslo across Africa, Europe & Middle East speaking in over 100s of summits, events like World Data Summit, London Fintech & Banking Summit – doing workshops & presentations on evangelizing Data & Blockchain. He has held transformational workshops in major banks for CEOs reassuring them on how Web 3 would bring in more changes than a wheel or the previous industrial revolutions have.

Anish truly believes in how NFT can be used as an asset class in the corporate world & advised various governments around running their public affair services bringing transparency in their governance using Web 3.0 thus wining the credibility of the people.

If an Education institution cannot afford his training services – Anish would be happy to train the students / faculty on Web 3.0 on Pro Bono depending on the free slots available for a summarized program.
The faculty who gets trained gets a certificate minted on blockchain as an NFT from “Wolfpack” – a web 3.0 VC meet start up global community he cofounded with his friends (Amit, Dev & Suki)

We are the biggest NFT marketing agency with the reach over 30 million people.

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