Do you have a significant blockchain concept? You might be able to get $100,000 to build it.

Do you have an innovative blockchain application in mind? It’s possible that you’ll be given $100,000 to create it.

In February 2022, Callisto Network established the We Fund You programme, which provides technical assistance to hand-picked organisations.

Four startups were awarded a grant after receiving numerous entries, and the EVM-compatible network is now championing these up-and-coming projects.

GAT Network, for example, has asked for $50,000 in order to launch a next-generation crypto marketplace and NFT toolkit.

This group of five developers chose Callisto Network because of its low gas prices and fast transaction rates, not to mention the fact that it “opens the door to fascinating GameFi ideas that were put on hold owing to excessive costs” on competing networks., on the other hand, demanded $25,000 from this ecosystem, as well as technical and marketing assistance. Because this is the first NFT project to be launched on the Callisto Network, it’s a big milestone.

Obtaining such finance can potentially lead to new possibilities. The developer from PowerCar went on to work for Callisto Enterprise, where he worked on smart contracts, and his new employer also bought the project.

Providing assistance to young developers
Callisto Network also claims to be committed to assisting dedicated developers who are just getting started in this fast-paced business.

Patrik Ermák and Mojmr Záleák, both 16, are the youngest developers to get a grant from the We Fund You programme, which awarded them $25,000 to help people their age improve their investment skills.

Teramite will soon offer courses and presentations to teach kids about cryptography, encryption, programming, investing, and math – materials that can be utilised in schools and at public events. Given that such themes aren’t often covered in school, this can be incredibly beneficial in terms of protecting youngsters from making costly mistakes.

This content, as well as a social media presence and a website, will be built in the following months. Teramite is scheduled to debut in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Soy Finance, the DeFi platform, is receiving an award to build an auto-compound function for yield farmers, filling out the roster of We Fund You participants.


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