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Diversity Dollz NFTs Honor All Forms of Education and Beauty

Diversity Dollz is the NFT initiative you need if you want to promote diversity in daily life. These PFP memorabilia commemorate the distinctiveness of our species, whether it be our skin tone, state of physical and mental health, or line of work.

Curiously, the endeavour is equally as fascinating as its creator. The White House’s Office Presidential Award for Mentoring in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering was recently given to the founder Junior Bernadin.

Let’s learn everything there is to know about the whitelist presale, which you can join up until June 26.

What is the NFT collection of Diversity Dollz?
Diversity Dollz is essentially a set of 10,000 PFP (Profile Picture) NFTs constructed on Ethereum. +180 hand-illustrated qualities make up the digital materials. The different outfits, accessories, and haircuts honour variety in all of its manifestations.

As a result, this exceptional NFT collection illustrates important issues including physical and mental health, skin tones, and sensory impairment, to name a few. The project also emphasises STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), a subject that isn’t often spoken these days.

In truth, Junior Bernadin, the project’s creator, was motivated to develop the drop by his own daughter. The infant girl is therefore of Chinese, Haitian, and Jamaican descent.

The end result is a collection of 10,000 incredible baby cartoons that are prepared to take over the Metaverse! In fact, you can sign up for a position on the whitelist presale here through June 26. You can perform this to mint an NFT for only 0.06 ETH! The public sale will start on June 27th at a price of 0.08 ETH per piece.

The project schedule showed

Although Diversity Dollz is a brand-new NFT project, the team has great aspirations for the future. Holders of NFTs can take advantage of interactive games, raffles, and other community events. The Diversity Dollz Ambassador programme will also play a role in achieving some of this objective.

The team intends to start a fresh NFT project in the future, along with exclusive community events. Holders will also be allowed to take part in a Scavenger Hunt in the interim. The project’s creators will then give the winner 1.9 ETH and donate an additional 1.9 ETH to a 501(c)(3) organisation.

Notably, the team will donate a portion of the NFT sales revenue to a community-run organisation. Each NFT holder will, of course, have a say in the foundation’s future plans.

Who founded the project?

The Diversity Dollz NFTs were created by Junior Bernadin. The Ron Clark Academy’s student dean and IT director. Over 100,000 teachers benefited from Mr. Bernadin’s guidance as they developed their pedagogical approaches to better serve their students.

Mr. Bernadin actually won the Presidential Award for Mentoring in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering. This esteemed award was presented by the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Junior Bernadin is also listed in the Forbes Technology Council and the Atlanta Business Chronicles 40 Under 40. He is one of the Top 100 Leaders in Education, which is the last but not least (of the Global Forum for Education and Learning).

Mr. Bernadin now wants to impart his vast knowledge to the Metaverse. His wife, Dr. Tashinea Bernadin, a physician with a practise in Fayetteville, is also a member of his team. Additionally, Destin Andrews, a visual artist, just received the SHEINX International “Where the He(art) Is.” Award.

Please keep in mind that joining up right now will still put you on the whitelist presale. On June 27 at 9 a.m. Eastern Time, the Openexus platform will open the public sale. For exclusive updates, giveaways, and more until then, be sure to follow the project on Twitter and join their Discord server!

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