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A group of developers used toilet paper NFTs to wipe off $7 million in medical debt.

A group of developers got together for a collection of toilet paper NFTs in a hilarious move. Joshua Lapidus, a software developer, came up with the concept in the fall of 2021 with the help of several blockchain-savvy pals. To make fun of how people were buying anything as an NFT, they landed on toilet paper. The effort, however, was not just aimed at NFTs. In fact, the group used the growing popularity of NFTs to generate funds for a good cause.

Toilet Paper NFTs in the Colors of the Rainbow are raising funds for charity.

Rainbow Rolls was supposed to be a 10,000-character collection of toilet paper NFT characters at initially. That number eventually dropped to around 1,000. To be clear, Rainbow Rolls will be minted until one week after the 1,000th NFT is sold. The project went online in October, and as of this writing, 861 Rainbow Rolls NFTs have been created.

The most important thing to remember about these Rainbow Rolls is that they were made to raise money for charity by Lapidus and his crew. Rainbow Rolls, in particular, lists three organisations on its website. To name a few, the project will donate 16.5% of revenues to Gitcoin, 16.5 percent to Giveth, and 20% to RIP Medical Debt.
Surprisingly, the total amount raised for RIP Medical Debt was around $91,000. This was enough to wipe off $7 million in medical debt for low-income families. (To be clear, RIP Medical Debt purchases debt in bundled portfolios, which is how they were able to pay off so much debt with the funds.)

Overall, Rainbow Rolls’ toilet paper NFTs are a playful, enjoyable NFT project with a fantastic objective. To be sure, several NFT projects have been generous with their charity contributions. Particularly in light of the recent developments in Ukraine. No one else, however, can lay claim to such a diverse collection of fantastic TP puns. Is there any toilet paper that isn’t fungible?

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