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Developers Announce NFT Plans For Popular Game, But Get Steam Review Bombed

Storybook Brawl is a free-to-play card game that has been acquired by a blockchain firm, prompting anger from gamers.

On Steam, Storybook Brawl is a popular free-to-play card game. It has a sizable and active playerbase who genuinely like the game. After the developers of Storybook Brawl announced plans to add NFTs and blockchain technology into the game, practically all of them have been enraged and are review bombing the game’s Steam page.

Storybook Brawl developer Good Luck Games revealed on March 22 that the studio had been acquired by FTX US. For those unfamiliar, FTX is a cryptocurrency exchange that began in the Bahamas in 2019 and has since spread globally. It has also lately made significant investments in developing a gaming segment, forming FTX Gaming last year because it “sees games as an intriguing use case for crypto.”

Good Luck Games revealed only rudimentary intentions for implementing NFT and blockchain technology into Storybook Brawl in their launch. The studio also claims that the integration would be “ethical” and will make the game “better for gamers” while ensuring that “pleasure comes first,” according to the studio. (Huh, these NFT/blockchain announcements often include vague promises and undefined intentions.) Weird!)

The news was met with almost universal disdain among the players. On the Steam website for the game, there has been a significant surge in recent unfavourable reviews. As a result, the game currently has a “Overwhelmingly Negative” rating.

According to Eurogamer, one of the developers said in the game’s Discord server that non-cosmetic possibilities for NFTs were also being considered. This infuriated the community even more.

Good Luck Games has been contacted by Kotaku about its NFT ambitions.

This isn’t the first time this song and dance has been performed. We’ve seen several examples of game businesses announcing NFT plans and then facing pushback from fans and other game developers in the last year or so.

Many people think of technology as a huge deception, full of swindlers and con artists attempting to make a quick buck before the bubble bursts. There are also concerns about how blockchain technology may increase e-waste, accelerate global warming, waste electricity, and make it more difficult for people to locate and purchase specific computer parts, such as GPUs.

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