Followers of NFT’s CryptoBatz’ were tricked out of thousands of dollars by crooks.

After clicking on a link published by the project’s official Twitter account, Osborne’s supporters turned to Twitter to protest about a phishing scheme that is draining cryptocurrency from their wallets. This is what transpired.

People have been complaining about a suspected phishing link published by pop culture legend Ozzy Osbourne that is draining their crypto wallets just days after his non-fungible-token (NFT) collection CryptoBatz became live.

On January 20, a batch of 9,666 digital bats known as “CryptoBatz” went on sale.

According to The Verge, after clicking on a link given by the project’s official Twitter account, Osborne’s supporters turned to Twitter to protest about a phishing scam that was draining money from their wallets. This is what transpired.

Osbourne’s NFT collection, like most of the NFT projects, was announced on the Discord NFT marketplace on December 31, 2021, and received over 4,000 retweets and hundreds of replies.

Users were sent to a landing page that displayed all of the heavy metal artist’s digital assets.

The NFT project, on the other hand, recently altered its URL, which now directs potential consumers to the purchasing page.

Cyber criminals took advantage of the change in URL and set up a bogus Discord server at the old address.
When the followers followed the scam link, they were taken to a bogus Discord panel where they were requested to authenticate their bitcoin assets, pushing them to connect their cryptocurrency wallets.

At least 1,330 people have visited the bogus NFT project, according to the fake link. According to The Verge, on January 20, an Ethereum wallet address linked to the scammers received a series of incoming transactions totaling 14.6 ETH ($40,895).

The malicious link was unavailable at the time of writing this article and appears to have been removed.

NFT collector Todd Kramer of New York recently announced that his collection of sixteen Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs, valued at $2.28 million (about Rs 16.94 crore), had been “hacked.”

Todd Kramer, the owner of the NFTs, said that the NFT marketplace OpenSea had “frozen” the assets for him, which included one Clonex, seven Mutant Ape Yacht Club, and eight BAYC NFTs worth roughly 615 Ether.

He tweeted about his ordeal, saying he had clicked on a link that appeared to be a legitimate NFT de-app (decentralised application).
However, it turned out to be a phishing attack, and 16 of his NFTs were taken as a result. He wrote, “I’ve been hacked.” “All of my apes have vanished.”

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