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Coca-Cola and VeVe have teamed up to make the ‘Starlight’ flavour into an NFT.

VeVe, a mobile NFT platform, just announced a new relationship with Coca-Cola, a well-known beverage corporation. At this time, the two firms will work together on an NFT series dedicated to Coke’s limited-edition “Starlight” flavour, which will be released this Sunday at around 12:00 p.m. PST. Each NFT will be sold exclusively through the VeVe app at the low price of $40.

NFTs with a Starlight
Coca-Cola has become one of the most widely recognised brands during the Reagan era thanks to sheer dedication and absolute creativity in marketing methods.

Coca-Cola was the first soft drink to be drunk in space in 1985. The Coca-Cola Space Can was drank by astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger. More than 36 years later, the brand is still bringing the wonders of space to Earth. Through the launch of a galaxy of immersive digital experiences with an interplanetary flavour. Space’s endless possibilities inspired this piece. Coca-Cola Starlight combines classic Coca-Cola flavour with unexpected twists. A reddish tint and a chilly taste experience evoke the idea of being on a space mission. — The Coca-Cola Marketing Department

Download the VeVe app on any Android or iOS device to get your hands on a Starlight NFT. Then, once your account has been verified, simply wait for the mint day to have your chance to own a piece of Coca-Cola history.

Coca-Cola Starlight Can Specifications: As the first product in a limited series of Coca-Cola Creations. A multi-dimensional, light-filled starfield is featured on this one-of-a-kind packaging design. This first appearance of Coca-Cola Starlight was limited to 14,985 copies.

Can an image transfer you to another galaxy? Coca-Cola Creations Footprint: Can an image transport you to another galaxy? Yes, we believe so! This Starlight “footprint” is part of the Coca-Cola Creations limited series of sparkling beverage launches, and it leaves quite an impression. Where will your quest for knowledge and adventure lead you? The initial appearance of Coca-Cola Creations Footprint will be available for $40.00 in an edition of 8,985 copies.

1985 Coca-Cola Space Can: Astronauts on the Space Shuttle Challenger drank Coca-Cola from a specially constructed Coca-Cola Space Can. Fortunately, there’s no need to dress up and prepare for zero gravity in order to win this prize. So hurry up and get yours before they’re all gone! This initial appearance of the 1985 Coca-Cola Space Can will be available in 2,985 versions.

Coke refuses to be left behind as the world goes to the blockchain, as seen by intuitive solutions inside NFT marketing. While the team continues to add value to the company, nobody knows what the future holds for the stockholders.

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