Its First Metaverse to watch Chr0n0swiss Launches

Chr0n0swiss, the Swiss company that makes lavishness mechanical watches, is launching a metaverse watch! The iconic watchmakers are meeting the challenge of web3 head-on with a unique and exclusive timer. Also, the genuine Chr0n0swiss Atelier (master factory) has been fully rebuilt in Decentraland.
There are 100 limited edition Open Gear ReSec Sugar Rush digital wearable watches that people can use for Decentraland incorporations. Significantly, there are also eight special edition real-life watches. So, exactly is the Chronoswiss metaverse watch?

What is the Chr0n0swiss metaverse watch?

The notorious watchmakers have gone each out to produce this metaverse watch. By remaking the Chronoswiss Atelier in Decentraland, they have created a truly unique experience that blends the real world with the web3 world.
“We understand the Metaverse as the coming evolutionary step of the internet, where business and gaming combine into a unique client experience. We’re Apprehensive that it’s a bet on a yet unclear vision. But it is beyond instigating, and every promising vision needs people who believe in it. The virtual shop is a lab for extraordinary ideas in a world with no limitations.” says Chronoswiss Owner & CEO Oliver Ebstein.

The Sugar Rush watch is available this time in Decentraland,Metaverse

The Sugar Rush timer is a fascinating twist on the classic Chronoswiss design. The notorious watchmakers describe it as a “ultramodern mechanical delicacy shop – on steroids.”
To illustrate, the case is a bold purple, and the inside composites colors and pictorial imagery. It’s a mongrel piece that also reflects the promising digital vision and classical mechanical watchmaking chops.
Likewise, the shop in Lucerne, Switzerland will expensively produce the eight real-life watches. per watch connected/ to an NFT the buyer receives.
Eventually, those interested in the new Chronoswiss watch should head to their Decentraland virtual shop at position-101,8. Then you can see the fantastic design and the broader plans for Chronoswiss in the metaverse.

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