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Check Out These Amazing Cross-Chain NFT Passes! TRUE Status Cards: Check Out These Amazing Cross-Chain NFT Passes!

TRUE Status Cards have arrived to herald in a new era of NFTs! These cross-chain NFT passes are the keys to the incredible TRUE ecosystem, providing their owners with a wealth of benefits. So, without further ado, let’s learn everything there is to know about these cutting-edge NFT passes.

What exactly is a TRUE Ecosystem?

First and foremost, let’s dissect the TRUE environment. TRUE is essentially a multi-chain infrastructure. Its goal is to assist companies, game developers, and users in navigating Web3. It allows users to interface with GameFi and next-generation NFTs with more features. The team’s top aim is to promote the utility and promise of NFTs in order to stimulate widespread adoption.

The TRUE ecosystem, of which the Status Cards are a part, is made up of a variety of interconnected goods. An NFT marketplace, a merchant office, the TRUE App, and the TRUE SDK are all included. In addition, TRUE features a “Earn” section. As a result, the TRUE community can use gaming dynamics and standard DeFi technologies to grow their crypto holdings.

Let’s take a look at how the TRUE Status Cards come into the picture now that we’ve broken down what TRUE is all about.

What do TRUE Status Cards entail?

TRUE Status Cards are, in a nutshell, access keys. That is to say, they give users access to all of the TRUE ecosystem’s capabilities.

They will also be released on both Polygon and Ethereum, which is an important feature. Users will be able to select their preferred network when the TRUE Status Cards are printed. But don’t get too worked up about which network to pick! This is because holders will be able to migrate their NFTs between networks using a cross-chain bridge if they so desire.

TRUE Status Cards come in five various varieties, as illustrated in the image above: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Black. Only the Bronze and Silver Cards will be available for purchase (on OpenSea and the TRUE marketplace). TRUE, on the other hand, will distribute the three highest-tier Cards via allowlists. Cryptopunks, BAYC, MAYC, Meebits, Moonbirds, and Azuki cardholders, for example, are all eligible for the Gold and Platinum Card allowlist.

Holders can, however, “Craft” higher-tier cards out of lower-tier cards. You can change 11 Bronze cards into Silver cards or 11 Gold cards into Platinum cards, for example.

Cardholders have access to a variety of useful services.

The Status Cards have a number of advantages, one of which is that they offer holders early access to all future TRUE NFT drops. TRUE has already established important partnerships with major brands such as Fashion TV.

There are a slew of other benefits available to cardholders. As previously stated, the value of these benefits increases as the TRUE Status Card tier rises. For starters, holders of Gold, Platinum, and Black Cards will receive pre-IDO TRUE token allotment. To clarify, TRUE intends to launch an IDO (initial decentralized exchange offering) in the summer of 2022.

Staking the TRUE platform’s native token $TFT, a lottery with a $TFT jackpot for Card holders, governance rights for holders, and a Daily Bonus P2E game where players can earn tokens and NFTs are among the other significant features.

If all of this sounds intriguing to you, make sure to keep an eye on the TRUE website, as well as their Twitter and Discord accounts for all of the latest information.

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