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BOTS To Launch Bots Alpha Club NFTs, An Automated Trading Platform

On July 15th, 2022, automated trading platform BOTS will unveil Bots Alpha Club, its first non-fungible token (NFT) collection. There are 3.000 distinct NFTs in the community-focused collection. Both digital and tangible benefits will be available to owners of this NFT collection.

“At BOTS, we believe NFTs will have a significant impact on the way we express our identity,” says the Bots Alpha Club NFT collection’s creator. NFTs can be used to show off your individuality in a variety of ways. They are, for example, social proof of your attendance at cultural events, your membership in clubs and services, and your support of artists and businesses.

Your NFT collection will stand as a tribute to the things and efforts you’ve helped make possible in the future. NFTs are considerably more than just digital ownership certificates. They are unmistakable evidence of your professional and personal heritage. That’s why it’s critical that we expose our users to this ground-breaking technology,” says Rachid Garti, BOTS’ VP of Customer Experience.

NFT holders enjoy both digital and physical benefits.

NFT purchasers will have access to BOTS perks both digitally and physically. This will include access to knowledge-sharing groups where the brightest minds in fintech, web3, trading, crypto, and investing will convene. BOTS will also offer virtual and real events where NFT holders may hear from experts and network. Finally, all NFT owners can look forward to surprise airdrops, which will be announced at a later date by the platform.

The NFT collection was inspired by the 3D Bots.

The limited edition collection, which includes 3,000 NFTs, will sell for 375 USD in ETH. The sale will begin on July 15th and will be conducted through a dedicated website. Notably, the NFTs are based on the trading bots available on the site. Furthermore, they will be 3D models in a variety of interesting variations, with a wide range of qualities and appearances. Of course, there are different levels of rarity, which will be distributed at random across the collection.

Visit the platform’s website and Discord server to discover more about BOTS and the Bots Alpha Club collection.

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