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BOSO TOKYO: Avatar Project with a Strong Team and a Clear Roadmap

BOSO TOKYO is a brand-new, original collection created by a talented and experienced team. It’s a generative avatar project with metaverse capabilities in the works.

What is BOSO TOKYO, exactly?

BOSO TOKYO’s major goal is to give a metaverse avatar for their collectors’ singular identities. They hope that when the metaverse coexists, their avatars will be used on several platforms by their owners.

BOSO TOKYO is expected to become a “identity-defining brand for the metaverse era,” according to the team.

The project plans to offer ‘REVVING’ when the collection launches in early August, allowing users to stake their NFTs and earn passive benefits. Users will also be allowed commercial usage rights, which would let them to “make figures, use it in commercials, rent it out,” and more with no restrictions. This isn’t usually the case in NFT projects, but when it is, it’s definitely a plus.

Yesterday, the project’s Twitter account and website went live (June 13th). For updates on the initiative, you may follow them on Twitter or visit their website. A Discord is expected to be released soon, but no date has been established.

Finally, one of the project’s NFTs will be given away. You can find the link here, and by completing a simple job, you can enter the giveaway. On the giveaway website, there is also a teaser video.

The Project’s Core Team

Each member of the project’s staff has extensive experience in a variety of domains, including crypto, NFTs, and GameFi.

The images of BOSO TOKYO are created by its principal illustrator, Hidetaka Tenjin. Tenjin has a large body of work devoted to robotics. Tenjin has designed box art for MG (master grade) series plastic models such as “Star Wars,” “Gundam,” and “Macross,” as well as many more companies, games, and other brands.

Afromance, the project’s creative director, is responsible for the project’s overall creative designs and vision. He is the CEO of a creative company, Afro&Co. He has also hosted a number of important parties in Japan. During COVID-19, he organized an online music event that drew more than 2 million people.

Finally, Hisashi Oki is in charge of the project’s ideas and manifesto. He presently works for Ledger, one of the world’s major crypto wallet firms, as the Japan Representative. His past experience includes serving as the head of brand marketing, public relations, and public relations at a large cryptocurrency exchange, as well as numerous writing and editing positions for a variety of publications.

The Plan of Action
The initiative plans to debut ‘REVVING’ when the collection drops in early August. Users will be able to stake their NFTs and earn passive benefits in this area. Users will also be allowed commercial usage rights, which would let them to “make figures, use it in commercials, rent it out,” and more without restriction. To be clear, this isn’t something that constantly happens in NFT projects. When you do see it, however, it is unquestionably a plus.

BOSO TOKYO intends to promote the brand with a huge event in Tokyo. They are hoping that it would attract a large amount of talent from Tokyo.

They’ve also hired several crypto and web3 experts to help with the project.

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