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In crypto blue-chips are Bitcoin and Ethereum in the same way there are blue-chips in NFTs. Blue-chip NFTs are incredably expensive at this point of time, so only if you are rich you can buy them otherwise it is hard for us to recommend them.


CryptoPunks: The quintessential; authentic collection of 10,000. holding any one of these is like owning a rare vintage car or a rare Rolex. They are exemplary and exceptionally extravagant. If anyone owns a CryptoPunk as their Twitter profile will direct concentration from others. Price $300,000+ approx.

Art Blocks: Art Blocks is a podium that attribute limited edition digital art from celebrated artists. They possess differnet compilation, with the most esteemed being their “Curated” collection. Content curation means collecting, categorizing and sharing valuable pieces of content on a specific topic. And similarly, like the curator in a museum, you curate your own collection across social media platforms. Pretty much any “Curated” Art Block is investment-grade, but you can’t go wrong with their first one, the Chromie Squiggle. Price: $40,000.

Bored Ape Yacht Club: Bored Ape Yacht Club was the earliest program that took the CryptoPunk model farther with a direction, membership community, and other additional benefit still, very costly . Price: An Ape is around $150,000+, Mutant Ape is around $20,000+, an Ape Dog Companion is around $10,000+.

Cool Cats: This is the blue-chip cat collection with ultra-cute artwork reminiscent of Hello Kitty. The Internet loves cats and you can’t go wrong with this. Price: $40,000.

Gutter Cats: Cool Cats has more supply from the Gutter Cats. Gutter Cats has much lesser supply but an edgier art style. Price: $12,000+.

Currency by Damien Hirst: Damien Hirst is recognized all over world. He uncork a crown jewel NFT accumulation called Currency. Damien Hirst is the foremost traditional artist cracking into NFTs, so it should do well long-term. Price: $20,000+.

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