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Playable NFT Rooms are included in the first Bit Hotel Metaverse Land Sale.

Would you like to possess a penthouse at one of the metaverse’s swankiest hotels? If that’s the case, the Bit Hotel metaverse land sale is for you. Bit Hotel NFT Rooms will drop through different INO Launchpads on a daily basis starting January 19th at 12:00 UTC.

This project appears to have it all, from NFT products and characters to mini-games and token prizes – and we’ll tell you everything you need to know today.

The metaverse land auction for Bit Hotel is a unique concept. The Bit Hotel metaverse is essentially an NFT-powered game in which players may purchase, collect, and exchange NFT things. Then, within the metaverse, collectors can purchase their own virtual area to display their NFT artefacts. Furthermore, players can meet, communicate, or simply have a nice time with other players in their room.

The Bit Hotel metaverse land sale will, among other things, include studio apartments, penthouse condominiums, and other unusual assets! As a result, the minting price for Binance USD will range from 200 to 23,000 Binance USD.

Players can trade their NFTs or compete against one another in mini-games for rewards. You can also socialise digitally with the character that best suits you. Imagine taking the elevator to your buddies’ rooms and enjoying the time of your life digitally!

The $BTH token will be required for staking and trading on the platform. In addition, by playing the game, users can win the second token, $BHOTEL. The $BHOTEL tokens can be redeemed for NFTs, which will offer players access to special events and in-game activities.

Bit Hotel Metaverse

The team will also hold NFT drops on the Bit Hotel Marketplace and other sites on a monthly basis.

You’ll need $BUSD or $BTH tokens to acquire land in the first Bit Hotel metaverse land sale on January 19th.

How to Register for the Land Sale in Advance

To Pre-register for the huge Land trade, you will need to buy$ BTH commemoratives, according to the stated criteria. Thankfully, PancakeSwap makes it simple to gain commemoratives. You will automatically admit the most over-to- date information on the impending drop, including special offers, if youpre-register!

Bit Hotel Metaverse
Bit Hotel Metaverse

To be whitelisted for the Bit Hostel metaverse Land Trade, you must also stake at least 300$ BTH using the NFTrade platform. Principally, you will be suitable to begin staking through the Bit Hostel NFT ranch when it opens.

Unexpectedly, non-transferable and synthetic commemoratives ($ sBTH) will be awarded for staking. You will be suitable to get your own Bit Hostel NFT Emblem once you’ve accumulated 27k$ sBTH! As a result, this exclusive NFT will serve as evidence that you were among the design’s early adopters.

The$ BTH honorary, on the other hand, will be helpful for the planned Bit Hostel business. In a nutshell, this specialised business will make in- game trade easier while still charging a bitsy figure per trade.

The Bit Hostel metaverse land transaction will be an moment megahit because to its emotional tokenomics and beautiful design. All that is left to do now is have fun and start trading when the game opens in Q2 of this time!
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Follow the Bit Hostel metaverse on Twitter, Medium, and Telegram to stay up to date with the rearmost news. Join their Reddit and Disharmony forums for indeed further fun and excitement! makes no recommendations grounded on its investment/ fiscal opinions. This article is just for educational purposes. Make your own exploration before making any form of investment, as always.

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