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Before the launch of NFT, Solana-Based Chainers Announces Whitelist

The Chainers NFT and metaverse project, situated in Solana, is about to introduce its NFT collection. The project has already made a whitelist announcement. This will give community members on the whitelist the opportunity to mint Chainers NFTs before they run out. Additionally, whitelist subscribers can buy NFTs at a discounted rate! Let’s get started by asking what the Chainers NFT project is all about.

What does Chainers NFT stand for?

Chainers is a Solana-based blockchain platform that was established in 2022 with the goal of unifying blockchain games, NFTs, and the metaverse under one roof. With a seamless and immersive entertainment experience, the initiative wants to be the next big thing in Web 3.

The platform’s NFTs, which stand in for “Chainers,” are essentially its focal point. Chainers are “aliens who came to the Earth and are looking to socialise,” according to its creators.

Chainers will be released as a browser software for gamers and Web3 aficionados from all around the world in accordance with its product roadmap.

Regarding NFTs

On the Solana blockchain, there are 11,111 alien species represented in the Chainers NFT collection. There are hundreds of alien-like characters in the collection. The characters actually come from 15 distinct races and have more than 500 features.

On the project’s Twitter and Discord, NFT sneak peeks are already available. After the reveal, the team will also divulge more information about rarity.

On July 24, 2022, the collection will be released. The price of each NFT is 0.5 SOL.

What advantages do Chainers NFT owners receive?

Holders of Chainers NFTs receive a variety of advantages. The Chainers Metaverse, where they can start creating the virtual world, is where they first gain entry to the Chainverse. Holders also have access to the platform’s in-app NFT marketplace, where users can produce digital goods and resell them as NFTs.

Each NFT also functions as a governance token. In other words, NFT holders will have the ability to vote on local projects. Additionally, holders of all cards receive preferential entry to community events that include raffles and giveaways. Finally, collectors have the option of personalising their Chainers and surroundings.

How to get included on Chainers’ whitelist

The Chainers team has currently allowed anyone who is considering investing in the project access to the whitelist. Here’s how to add your name to the whitelist:

1 – Enter drawings on the Chainers event page’s official page.
2 – Participate in numerous events on Chainers’ Twitter account and follow them there.
3 – Become a member of their official Discord server. Users will have several chances to obtain a seat on the whitelist here.

Overall, Chainers is a worthwhile initiative to follow this year. After all, the Solana NFT network’s low transaction fees have helped the NFT collections become more and more well-liked. On its website, the Chainers NFT project provides more information.

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