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BEANZ NFT Collection Details Are Finally Announced By Azuki NFT

After a few weeks, the Azuki crew eventually unveils the contents of their surprise airdrop. The BEANZ collection is still in development. What were to be dirt mounds are now bean pods with little baby BEANZ sprouting from them. However, we now know what it will become in the future, and it is the sweetest thing ever.

NFT Collection by BEANZ
The BEANZ collection is a sidekick to the Azuki adventure and an icon for the Azuki brand. If you’re wondering if the BEANZ appear familiar, they’re EXACTLY like azuki beans! Alternatively, depending on where you’re from, crimson mung beans. Who’d have predicted that the enigmatic beans would eventually transform into… pauses for dramatic effect… beans? With 24.1k ETH now in circulation, the BEANZ collection now has a floor price of 4.75 ETH.

So far, we’ve confirmed that owners of this collection will have access to a Discord channel reserved for them. There will be merch/collectible drops, among other things. However, Azuki owners will always be at the top of the food chain, having the best garden experiences.

These little critters interact with each other by making noises. They also express themselves through gestures and graffiti. They all appear to be the same right now, but the team is hinting at something more. Perhaps in the not-too-distant future, there will be distinct characteristics or other discernible variances. Who knows, the Azuki community may be in for more surprises.

Furthermore, it appears that the team built these anthropomorphized BEANZ as an ideal canvas for future artist collaborations. The possibilities are unlimited, and the Azuki family’s future is bright.

There are two types of BEANZ in this airdrop. To begin with, there’s Toshi. Remember that pampered nephew who was running around your house during the holidays? That is, in essence, how Toshi feels. This red BEANZ disobeys all of the regulations that have been imposed on him. He walks from the yard to the alley on his own. He doesn’t like to fight, but if you tell him where he can and can’t skate, he’ll bite.

Then there’s Gus, or Les, as he’s known. We’re still not sure what the blue BEANZ are called. They’re no better than Toshi when it comes to getting into mischief. They enjoy enraged Azukis, therefore expect to see a lot of enraged Azukis in the near future.

The team is implying that there will be more in the Azuki universe in the future. There appears to be more to the collection than naughty BEANZ scurrying around wreaking havoc. What we’re seeing with Azuki and BEANZ right now suggests that things are just getting started. Let the speculating begin once more.

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