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Batman NFTs will be released by DC Comics and Palm in April!

It’s past time for us to obtain some Batman NFTs! At $300 each, DC Comics and Palm NFT Studio will release a collection of 200,000 Bat Cowls. There is no restriction to how many a user may buy, however the platform has a daily maximum of $3,000 each day. On April 26, 2022, the collection will be released, with over 2 billion possible trait combinations. This will be a blind drop, similar to bats, with purchases revealed only in May.

Holders of the Batman NFTs Bat Cowl will have access to special merchandise and collectibles, including the Bat Cowl apparel collection. They’ll also have access to and advantages from IRL DC fan events. Holders will also receive first crack at future DC NFT collections.

The company also disclosed a two-year strategy, with a new utility being released every 52 days. In essence, Batman will enhance the Bat Cowl, granting owners more access to the DC Universe. By the way, if you want to flex these Bat Cowls on social media, they’re already AR ready. Finally, DC intends to employ these Bat Cowls in upcoming DC Comics storylines.

There is some utility if you claimed the free DC Fandome NFTs from 2021. This Bat Cowl collection will be available to owners first. Additionally, owners will be able to migrate their assets to non-custodial wallets like MetaMask in the near future.

Check out the preview to see some of the collection’s different combinations. On a related subject, if you haven’t watched The Batman yet, go to the most recent showing at your local theatre. You’ll thank me later.

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