It’s rare to see NFT projects with such a high level of polish. When you first visit the site, you’ll notice that the NFT project’s purpose is much more than just being a PFP. They can rocket (RTFKT Clone X), flow with the tide (0n1 Force), and even accomplish what Mekaverse did.

Azuki appears to be quite well-polished. The art, animation, and website are all created to work together. These projects excite us tremendously about the possibilities. When you look at their highly informative mintinfo page, it’s easy to see how their enthusiasm for NFTs converted into one of the most eagerly awaited launches in recent memory.

The project’s vision used to be at the core of everything, and the people minting were the ones who truly believed in it. We relived the excitement of opening a Pokémon pack, gave our NFT backstories and legends, and adopted them as our online personas. At Azuki, we want to work with the community to build the largest decentralised brand for the metaverse, and we want to work with people that sincerely believe in our purpose and principles.

7 NFT Design Principles

They’re subverting some popular NFT cliches, such as renaming Whitelists to mintlists (a fantastic concept), converting the roadmap to a mind map, and so on. Their Mindmap is divided into seven levels.

1> Visuals & Values: It’s all about community and making dope shit, to paraphrase.
2> Community: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: community isn’t a to-do list. They go into greater depth about how empowerment, education, and mobilisation will help them expand their community.
3> Metaverse: They will explore Azuki 3d, a game, and digital drops in an attempt to embrace the metaverse.
4> The Physical World: Streetwear (which will most likely be fantastic), In-Real-Life Events, Collectibles, and a Record Label

5> A link between: Micro-actions and games that are played in the community to unlock new experiences.
6> Seedlings: Partnerships, a DAO, and the $BEAN Token
7> Any suggestions from the community: “In essence, human history is a history of ideas.” — Wells, H.G.
What suggestions do you have? Let’s collaborate to make history.

We are guided by a simple yet profound vision – create the largest decentralized brand for the metaverse that is built and owned by the community.

This article is just for educational purposes.

Make your own exploration before making any form of investment, as always.

Possessors, holders, suckers, members of the community, jumbos. Want to give your composition a boost by putting it at the top of the homepage? == > Get in touch with us!

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