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Automobile manufacturers in Japan Toyota and Nissan Reveal Plans for the Metaverse

Nissan and Toyota, two of the most well-known Japanese manufacturers, are among the most recent large brands and corporations to unveil their metaverse intentions.

According to a Nikkei Asia story, Nissan has established a digital version of its brand experience museum, branded Nissan Crossing, where visitors may learn about the company’s suite of sophisticated driving technology.

According to the story, the store will showcase Nissan’s future electric vehicle Ariya, with select guests able to participate in a virtual tour. Vehicle launches and other events will be held in the digital space in the future.

Nissan Motor Corporation’s Invisible-to-Visible (I2V) technology, which uses a 3D augmented reality (AR) interface to merge the real world and the metaverse, “creates limitless possibilities for services and communications that will make driving more convenient, comfortable, and exciting,” according to its website.

Nissan’s I2V technology currently has two use cases, both of which are expected to be fully operational by 2025. First, the technology is designed to improve driving by giving “improved information about the surrounding region, including predictive information ahead of the vehicle.”

Second, the technology will make use of the metaverse to show distant relatives, friends, and others as 3D AR avatars within the vehicle. “Avatars can join inside the vehicle as a driving buddy or to assist driving with tips and suggestions,” according to the business.

Meanwhile, Toyota, Nissan’s main competitor, has metaverse ideas as well, though they are slightly different. Toyota plans to develop virtual workstations for select departments and subsidiaries, allowing employees’ avatars to wander around offices, attend meetings, and converse with coworkers.

“With more people working from home due to the coronavirus,” a Toyota spokesman reportedly said, “we are providing youthful employees and others communication opportunities within the organization.”

Nissan and Toyota’s foray into the metaverse follows in the footsteps of other automakers from around the world.

Volkswagen South Africa, in collaboration with advertising firm Ogilvy, conducted an NFT treasure hunt to advertise their newest Polo model, the IQ.DRIVE, earlier this month.

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