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At the Venice Biennale, Alchemy Pay facilitates cryptocurrency payments for NFTs.

The Global Crypto Art DAO is collaborating with Alchemy Pay, a supplier of payment solutions that bridges cryptocurrency and fiat money, at the Venice Biennale. The Times of The Chimeras, the first-ever NFT exhibition at the Venice Biennale, is being organised by the DAO. Visitors will be able to use cryptocurrency to purchase the NFTs on display thanks to Alchemy Pay. But what precisely is Alchemy Pay, and how does it support NFTs’ Venice Biennale debut?

Venice Biennale will accept on-site cryptocurrency payments thanks to Alchemy Pay.

It will be possible to purchase artwork on display at the Venice Biennale using cryptocurrency for the first time thanks to Alchemy Pay. Undoubtedly, Alchemy Pay was the ideal partner for the Global Crypto Art DAO due to its extensive global payment network.

Alchemy Pay, as an example, offers over 300 fiat payment options. In other words, it can collect payments from anywhere in the world using a card, a mobile wallet, or a bank transfer. Alchemy Pay can also accept a variety of fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies thanks to its numerous connections with international financial service companies. Not to add that Alchemy Pay’s automated technology enables transactions that are quick and reasonably priced. In fact, Alchemy Pay streamlines and simplifies the payment process regardless of how customers choose to pay.

Alchemy Pay CEO John Tan remarked, “We are pleased to cooperate with Global Crypto Art DAO and present the Biennale’s guests to user-friendly crypto payment alternatives. “We remain committed to lowering barriers to entry for NFTs and Web3 for the general public, and our crypto ramps provide a smooth user experience to engage in this new artistic movement.”

What is the NFT exhibition “The Times of the Chimeras”?

The Venice Biennale Committee gave 22 artists permission to take part in its inaugural NFT exhibition earlier this year. As a result, the Cameroon Pavillion will host the exhibition “The Time of the Chimeras.” The exhibition was organised by the Global Crypto Art DO, as was already mentioned.

The exhibition, which will be held at the Cameroon Pavillion, will be curated by Sandro Orlandi Stag. The Pavilion will be erected in Venice’s Palazzo Bernardo. And finally, the show is still running and will do so through November 27, 2022.

To summarise, a group of councillors formed the Global Crypto Art DAO (GCA DAO). Artists, art dealers, collectors, and blockchain investors are among the members of the GCA Council in particular. The DAO wants to build an environment that will promote innovation and growth in the field of cryptographic art.

This ground-breaking NFT show at the Venice Biennale was made possible thanks to the expertise of the GCA DAO. For those who are unaware, this festival of classic art dates all the way back to 1895. One of the most significant art events in the world today.

The Time of The Chimeras unquestionably demonstrates the development and current importance of NFT art. The show will not only feature various NFT works, but it will also provide a forum for dialogue. Discussions regarding NFT art, its future, and how people are developing in the field will be available to attendees.

Visit the Alchemy Pay website to find out more about its fantastic payment options.

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