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Another nefarious scheme targets holders of blue-chip NFTs with malicious tokens.

A new NFT fraud is on the loose, attempting to steal blue-chip NFTs. Azuki 602 was defrauded from the original NFT holder in this case. Scammers are sending harmful tokens to Opensea accounts in the hopes that they will sign the ‘approved’ notice for the token.

In the entire NFT space, 0xQuit is the most well-known smart contract vetting guy. He started a thread in which he explained the ins and outs of this new scam token.

Momoco is the name of the airdrop that the deceived users received. Furthermore, the ‘OwnerOf’ method has been altered to return the same token ID, according to the contract.

Do not interact with any malicious token functions that have been airdropped.
You must approve the token function before it can do anything with your wallet. Furthermore, after airdropping the fraudulent token, the scammers must do one more step. As a result, they expect you to interact with the token.

Users are encouraged to visit Momoco NFT Opensea’s website for a free mint, according to the description. It is generally widely accepted that you should not engage with NFTs that you did not purchase or mint. Furthermore, one of the most important NFT no-nos is not clicking on any unapproved links.

Scammers were able to steal precious NFTs from customers who connected their wallets and minted using the “free mint.” Nonetheless, scams like these continue to emerge on a regular basis, and NFTers must remain vigilant. Close your Discord DMs, ignore Twitter spam tags, and disregard all airdropped NFTs are the three greatest ways to avoid being scammed.

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