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Anal Musk is a brand new NFT Endless Runner game.

Anal Musk is a brand-new NFT project. To be clear, they recently developed a free-to-play game and are presently hosting weekly USDC gaming competitions. The top ten scorers in this week’s tournament will each receive 2,000 USDC as a prize. The contest for this week will expire at midnight on May 20th (UTC).

The Anals’ Message

“We are The Anals from The Analverse, dear humans.”

After much deliberation, we have decided to approach you directly using the method we determined to be the most expedient — a Crypto Project. The reason I’m contacting you is because your civilisation is on the verge of extinction. As you may have seen, conditions on your planet have appeared to have deteriorated significantly, but we assure you that things are only going to get worse. We believe we can assist you. The Anal race has existed for trillions of years, and during that time, we have developed over our differences and struggles, and our civilisation no longer has any of those negative aspects.

We will also fix your planet if you allow us. One of the reasons the Anals are so serene, fulfilled, and loving is that our brains and hearts have fused together through evolution, and we no longer have any internal conflicts.

We became bored as a result, so we began to observe a variety of less evolved living forms and their evolution. We couldn’t stomach watching you harm yourselves any longer, so the humans rapidly became a crowd favourite. One of our earliest initiatives was to create ‘Bitcoin,’ or, to give it its full name, Butt Implant Trust-coin, as a way to make value accessible to everyone. But that was merely a warm-up for the real thing: $MUSK, the perpetual value coin.

Our civilisation is based on Love, Compassion, and Eternal Value, and if you follow us, yours will be as well.

Warm regards,

“The Anals” is a fictional character.

Anal Musk’s Advantages and Details Anal Musk hosts weekly USDC gaming contests with prize pools in the thousands of dollars through their endless runner style game. To clarify, you can begin playing and earning from their game by joining their community. Obviously, income will get more challenging as the community increases.

To be whitelisted for the $MUSK airdrop, Anals strongly advises everyone to join their Discord and Twitter channels. The Anal NFTs Genesis mint will receive a fair discount thanks to the airdrop. Only the fastest will receive a prize.

Although no date, mint price, or presale status has been established, all information will be available on their different social media outlets.

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