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An alternative to ‘hyped’ drops is the NFT collection, which is backed by Bitcoin mining.

Because there are so many NFT projects out there, it might be difficult to stand out — but this collection claims to have the solution.

An NFT initiative claims to be “really rethinking” what it means to collect digital art, including features that other collections don’t have.

Meta Ape Militia claims that their crypto collectibles are more than just a cool profile photo. To begin with, the ecosystem is supported by a Bitcoin mining operation from which M*A*M holders can benefit.

The proud owners of these NFTs will also get access to special metaverse events, such as luxury retreats filled with entertaining activities and parties in Destoria.

Meta Ape Militia claims that its range is 50 percent female, whereas big NFT collections only have male characters. This could help bring in new people to this arena, which has been criticised in the past for being too masculine.

The Obsidian Council — an organisation that helps “anonymous crypto teams to build trust with their community without making their identities public” — has also conducted Know Your Customer checks on the project.

Given the number of NFT collections started by pseudonymous entrepreneurs complete with cartoon avatars — and the tragically frequent rug pulls — M*A*M believes this is critical for restoring collector confidence.

The overall goal is to develop a thriving community that brings together fans from all walks of life, creating a culture where polite talks are the norm and anyone with a query can obtain honest answers right away.

Rewriting the story

Driving the field of NFTs forward is a significant motivator for M*A*M.

“The days of buying a touted NFT for an enormous amount of ETH that has little to no utility, except from CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), just looks frivolous when compared to having a M*A*M NFT,” a spokeswoman for the collection told Cointelegraph.

“Check out Meta Ape Militia if you’re long on Bitcoin and want to be a part of a fantastic community.” It’s currently minting for free + petrol.”

The project’s creators claim to have a long history in Bitcoin mining and presently own the Bitcoin Asset Group, which handles all of M*A*M’s mining requirements.

The team said they had a “deep affection” for crypto and nonfungible tokens, which prompted them to start this NFT collection… “They’ve seen their fair share of the less-than-pretty side of crypto,” says the author.

It is worth mentioning that “”Being rug pulled and conned too many times between different coins and NFT projects meant enough was enough — and it was finally time to do something,” they claimed. Meta Ape Militia was established. Here, we’ve developed something truly unique.”

‘We’re destroying our road map,’ says the narrator.
Meta Ape Militia Island, an immersive metaverse experience, is currently being created, according to the M*A*M team.

Over 1,200 of these unique NFTs have already been sold, with bright artwork that will make an eye-catching avatar on any social media platform.

Importantly, each of these apes is cross-compatible across the metaverse, allowing collectors to freely explore any of the virtual environments available.

Meta Ape Militia has already amassed a devoted following on Twitter, with 85,000 followers eagerly anticipating further information. There’s also a lot of discussion on their main Discord channel.

According to a research released by the Wall Street Journal, the NFT market is saturated, with five crypto collectibles for every buyer. This means that in order to separate out from the pack, collections must offer something unique.

And, with a trusted crew and a unique Bitcoin mining component, Meta Ape Militia feels it has created an ecosystem that collectors will find attractive.

Find out more about the Meta Ape Militia.

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