Airdrop, token sale, and launchpad updates have been announced by a cryptocurrency exchange.

Few people would realise the entire potential of cryptocurrencies if it weren’t for centralised cryptocurrency exchanges.

Cryptocurrencies are frequently touted as the next big thing in technology. However, few people are aware of the actual potential of the asset class. Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges have become critical for speeding the speed at which individuals can purchase their first coins and begin engaging in the blockchain world, in order to realise the potential inherent in these digital assets.

Centralized exchanges (CEXs) achieve this by bringing together world experts and leading developers to create a system that enhances the user experience, often by replicating the traditional finance model that investors are familiar with and adding features such as convenience, functionality, and security. Despite their utility, there isn’t just one exchange from which customers may buy, which means investors must determine which platform has the best features for their goals.

Tidex is a trading platform that seeks to make this decision easier by combining all of the benefits of current centralised exchanges with substantial financial experience. Tidex was founded in 2017 as a result of the efforts of Alexander Ivanov, who was also the founder and CEO of Waves. Since changing in response to its move to jurisdiction under the European Union, the platform, which began as a worldwide service registered in the United Kingdom (UK), has defaulted with eight languages, including English, Russian, and Chinese (EU).

Tidex can now provide a higher level of financial assurance to its investors thanks to the EU. With improvements like this, Tidex has had to reassess its goals, which has resulted in a project restart. The team has effectively positioned itself as a go-to alternative for quality and ease in the crypto field with a new solution that contains various feature upgrades, including technological ones.

A blockchain-based project foundation

Tidex has added the goal of becoming the world’s largest launchpad to its list of objectives, thanks to widespread support from worldwide experts and major fintech companies. The launchpad is Tidex’s own platform, which will serve as a basis for blockchain-based enterprises to generate funds while also giving an early group of investors access to early-stage token sales.

Tidex will function utilising TDX, a service-based intra-exchange token that is presently being distributed as part of an airdrop campaign. With TDX, the Tidex team can provide the greatest level of service while also providing exclusive bonuses to all holders. The team is launching the first round of TDX sales on May 31 in appreciation of this token’s importance in Tidex’s growth.

The project’s second public round of bidding, which will start on the initial DEX offering (IDO) on June 15 in conjunction with BlueZilla, is another way to get involved in the Tidex ecosystem. The BSCpad, ETHpad, and Velaspad launchpads will all be available for this round of bidding.

Users are given additional earning opportunities via the platform’s airdrop in exchange for participating in these growth activities. Tidex plans to distribute $2 million in its native TDX tokens during the duration of the airdrop. The airdrop will begin on May 25 and will run for a month in conjunction with the newly revealed incentive programme.

constructing the metauniverse

Along with the increase in token valuation, the team’s more recent activities have been a success, with over 100,000 new registrations occuring within one week of the airdrop.

While the team continues to show off the new Tidex, their roadmap shows that they intend to continue creating the world’s largest launchpad, issue crypto cards to platform users, and launch their own nonfungible token marketplace (NFTs). These efforts will serve as stepping stones toward Tidex’s long-term objectives, which include the creation of a metauniverse, which will be a new realm of virtual digital civilization supported by its own blockchain, with early tests scheduled for the end of 2023.

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