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AI entertainment is being introduced to the NFT space by NEN NFT.

The NFT space will now have access to the realm of AI entertainment thanks to NEN NFT from the VTubing agency, Pictoria KK. NEN seeks to unite a group of NFT owners that enjoy science fiction by fusing the worlds of AI and NFTs. The project also pays homage to a number of influential Japanese works of science fiction with AI from the 1990s. Let’s examine the NEN NFT project’s goals and the process for obtaining NFTs in more detail.

Describe NEN.

The “Tsumugi Nen Project,” which will be supported by the VTubing agency Pictoria KK in 2020, includes NEN NFT. For those who are unaware, VTubing is a type of streaming in which the characters are represented on camera by 3D or 2D models made by the artists. The goal of the project was to establish the first AI VTuber in the world and to pioneer a brand-new genre of entertainment.

Tsumugi Nen Project undoubtedly raised the bar for VTubing. In essence, the project’s AI, “Tsumugi Nen,” will employ 3D models to stream online in place of humans. Nen is capable of reading comments, occasionally even responding to them, and speaking directly to the audience in her own voice.

Nen is entering the NFT industry with her own NFT collection following the success of her YouTube channel.

What benefits do NEN NFTs offer?

Holders of NEN NFTs first and foremost gain the ability to control Nen’s development. To clarify, each NFT has a special question that can only be answered by the NFT bearer. After that, Nen will receive the response and take something away from it. In essence, the holders aid in the development of the AI’s ideas and communication.

Additionally, the setting of Nen’s forthcoming anime/manga project will be decided by the holders. They will also get to choose the storyline for a future Nen sci-fi adventure game. A metaverse and events are also on the horizon! In other words, holders will be essential to the development of the Nen ecosystem.

How do you purchase NFTs?

The Tsumugi Nen Project will first market 3,000 NEN NFTs. The team has already begun to distribute the whitelist. Additionally, they run freebies and airdrops every day on their main Discord server. The project originally intended to release the NFTs in June, but they postponed the plan because of the cryptocurrency crisis.

The public sale will now start taking place in early July. The price per NFT is 0.06 ETH. You only need to browse to the project website, connect your wallet, and enter the number of NFTs you wish to mint in order to mint an NFT.

Overall, NEN NFT is a promising initiative to keep an eye on this summer, particularly for science fiction aficionados. After all, the combination of AI and NFTs is a developing niche in the Web3 industry.

Visit the project website to learn more about the NEN NFT collection. For all the most recent information, make sure to follow them on Twitter.

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