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NFT Boosts is the world’s largest NFT marketing agency across all social media and web platforms with a reach of over 30 million people. The company has been founded by Priyanshu Joshi , Aditya Bhambu , Aniket Bagria, and powered by DIGINIX-AI (www.diginixai.com). NFT Boosts employees 52 Full-time Team members with 3 in management 9 in tech 40 in sales. NFT boosts is connected with over 60000 celebrities and provides them NFT Promotions & Boosters, Digital Marketing, SEO & SMO, Growth Marketing, Online Marketing Boosters, News website.

NFT Boosts is a one-of-a-kind news website devoted solely to the NFT, Blockchain, and Metaverse, hence assisting in the spread of NFT awareness. If you are a marketer searching for ways to promote your business to NFT Boosts’ prominent audiences.


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