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A modern entertainment firm launches a project to collaborate with creators on content

A new foundation that safeguards creators’ rights is required since derivative artwork permits parties to negatively alter assets.

Derivative works are defined as creations like manga or pictures written by people unconnected to the original creator, and Japan is a global leader in this field. With secondary creation equal to more than 10 billion yen, Japanese material supported by this effort occupies a significant position in society.

An illustrator or other creator may publish their works on social media, such as on a platform like Twitter, to increase their popularity, but the terrible truth is that they run the risk of having their work altered. These attempts can occasionally be harmful, leading to work that could be prohibited. Because they may never know when, when, or who is copying their works, creators may find this to be damaging to their careers.

A method that would allow players and producers to collaborate in an effort to make money through games has been developed by Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) as a response to this difficulty. The mechanism known as PlayMining debuted in April 2020 as a top nonfungible token (NFT) gaming platform for the global GameFi sector.

PlayMining was founded with the intention of creating a system that safeguards the privileges and rights of international creators from both Japan and other countries while producing brand-new entertainment material.

Since 2018, DEA has been successful in producing NFTs from the brand-new original artwork of over 100 creators, including some of the most well-known manga artists in Japan.

DEA is operating the PlayMining economic zone in a three-pronged manner, principally focusing on the issuing of the native token DEAPcoin (DEP), the construction and operation of an NFT marketplace for the sale of NFTs, and the launch of the play-to-earn games.

co-creating content to benefit both parties

DEAPcoin, an independently issued cryptocurrency, is used by PlayMining (DEP). The coin will be used as payment for NFT trades on the NFT Marketplace in addition to serving as a reward for users that play PlayMining’s games.

PlayMining will serve as a method for defending the rights and benefits of international producers from Japan and other countries as it expands into other use cases, fostering the production of brand-new entertainment material.

As a result, there are primarily two ways to engage with creators and followers within the PlayMining economy.
The first, as previously indicated, is “indirect interaction between creators and fans” mediated by games, while the second, as seen in PlayMining Verse, is “direct interaction between creators and fans.”

In the end, the PlayMining Verse turns into a tool for co-creating new material with fans. Participants will become citizens of the “Creator’s nation,” where they can take part in numerous activities and decision-making for the advancement of this globe, as they become holders of this Land NFT. The PlayMining Verse member and manga artist Fujiwara Kamui has already made a land NFT available in an early release. Metaverse.

Putting the exchange release aside

DEA listed the DEAPcoin on the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange BITPOINT earlier this year. The team states, “With people from all over the world, we will establish a new era of the entertainment industry where we can live freely.”

The team is currently working on a number of releases, including Lucky Farmer (a coin-pusher game), Cookin’ Burger (a cookery game with multiple tasks), Graffiti Racer (a colouring and racing game), and Menya Dragon Ramen, a brand-new RPG/Ramen Shop simulation game.

Find out more about DEA

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